Need to show skills of your team members? ChimpStudio theme offers you short code that enables you to add skills of any individual of the team. You can show percentage or graph of the skills. Unlimited number of skills can be added on a page. Different color to each skill can be given for distinction. A small text field in the skill area helps you to define the skill in shortest possible words.

Skills Style

Skills Shortcode goes here

[skill name="skill 1" percent="60" bg_color="#000"]
[skill name="skill 2" percent="70" text="moderate" bg_color="#000"]
[skill name="skill 3" percent="80" bg_color="#f00"]
[skill name="skill 4" percent="70" text="easy" bg_color="#000"]

Customization Options / Features

  • Add unlimited number of skills of your team.
  • Show skills in percentage or graph.
  • Choose different color for the added skills.
  • Add description of the skill in skill area.