The major goal of department is to achieve the objectives set up by the Institute. The department aims at cultivating a community of sound professionals. The department emphasizes on developing problem solving skills, especially those required to implement solutions using the computing facilities. The educational objective of the department is to provide knowledge of modern computing system as well as sound theoretical background to meet evolving needs of students. Also the department aims at establishing strong relationship with the industry so as to bridge the gap between the academia and corporate sector. The department also ensures in bringing up qualities like leadership, teamwork, self confidence, good communication skills among its students.

The overall objective of the department is to make students understand their professional as well as ethical responsibilities. To achieve this, the institute have spacious; fully air-conditioned computer labs and computer centres with latest PENTIUM branded computers (WIPRO, IBM, HCL) attached to LAN.
The Computer Science & Engineering Department has the following Computer Labs: -
1. ATM Lab.
2. Data Communication Lab.
3. ES & SSLP Lab.
4. Engineering drawing and AutoCAD Lab.
5. Oracle Lab.
6. Unix / Linux Lab.
7. MAT Lab.

Fundamentals of Computer Programming & Information Technology Lab.
Data Structure& Programming Methodology Lab.
Programming Language Lab.
Object Oriented Programming Lab.
Computer Network Lab.

Also the department has well furnished Lecture Halls & Tutorial Halls. The faculty is well qualified & highly experienced as per requirements.