ChimpStudio’s google map short code is very multipurpose. You can choose from 4 map styles; terrain, roadmap, hybrid, satellite. Also you can use multiple map markers, can insert custom width and height. You can also control many display/function options like zoom control, mouse wheel control, zoom level and scale in ChimpStudio theme.

Map Roadmap Style

Map Terrain Style

Map Satellite Style

Map Hybrid Style


Map Code goes here

[map latitude="51.511214" longitude="-0.119824" zoom="11" type="ROADMAP" info_text="" info_width="" info_height="" marker_icon_url="" marker="true" draggable="true" scrollwheel="true"][/map]

Customization Options / Features

  • It offers 4 different map styles; roadmap, terrain, satellite, hybrid
  • It has unlimited uses per page, you can use with column short codes.
  • Multiple customizations available for you within the short codes.
  • You can set width, height, zoom level, scroll wheel, scale, zoom & pan and much more.