Seminar on Data Analysis & Mechatronics System Simulation was organized at Shivalikview Chandigarh by Mathworks on 07/09/2016. Mr. Navpreet Singh Tung, Assistant Professor,Department of Electrical Engineering, BCET attended the event.

MathWorks Engineers focused on the Data Analysis and Modeling for Mechatronics system (Mechanical & Electrical). During the session they demonstrate, using real-world case studies and how MathWorks solutions provide an integrated platform for system design and analysis.

Highlights Include:
• Accessing and Exploring Data from various sources
• From sensors, files, web archives, spreadsheets, and instruments
• Simplifying data cleaning
• Developing mathematical models
• Speeding-up MATLAB algorithms
• Deploying applications to share with non-MATLAB users
• Automating the workflows and documentation
• Getting from mathematical concepts to a software model
• Creating Simscape Multibody Models from CAD Geometry
• Creating electrical models using Simscape
• Designing and Analyzing Control Systems