A voluminous library that supports the learning process with textbook, reference books, general books, periodicals etc. is an asset to the students. A number of valuable and quality journals and periodicals are being subscribed to.
The library has 3150 titles and total no. of 16,517 Books, 72 journals and 42 international journals with Reading room of at least 250 student sitting capacity.
In addition to the course books general books for personality development, general knowledge, handbooks, yearbooks, reference book. are also added to the collection.
The library is tastefully furnished and it can seat more than 150 students at a time in its spacious reading halls. Apart from books it has a huge collection of Audio video material like CD’s & DVD’s.
The library provides following services to its users :
Reference Services:
To assist users in getting their required information.
Book Location Services:
To help users in locating and getting their desired books and other reading material.
Reservation of Books:
The books in great demand and which generally remain under issue can be got reserved by users by filling in Reservation Slips.